3 Simple Ways To Get More Sales to Your Premium Snapchat…Without Getting Naked!

Imagine being able to MAGICALLY and almost hypnotically get more people to do what you want…

Don’t think you can?

Well keep reading this blog post because you’ll discover 3 simple tips you can start using TODAY to get more people to join your premium Snapchat.

(I’ve used all 3 tips in this blog post already!)

After you read this whole post and get the tips…

Re-read this blog post and see if you can find the tips in those first few sentences. 😉

Tip #1: Give Calls to Actions in Sets of 3

First, what’s a Call To Action?

Basically, it’s telling someone something you want them to do.

Ex “Join my website
“Take out the garbage”
“Pick me up at 3”

Those are calls to action and they work whether you’re talking about your premium Snapchat or anything else in life.

So what’s the secret of 3?

To put it simply…

If you can give someone 3 calls to action, it’s more likely to sink into their brain, so they actually do it.

Even the military has done studies and found when they gave people 3 commands (or calls to action), the person was more likely to act upon them.

What’s an example?

Telling someone

“Go to my website”…

compared to…

“Go to my website, click the button and join!”

Even as you read that, do you see (and feel) a difference?

Does one compel you to want to actually join more?

It’s simple and effective.

Now on to Step 2…


Tip #2: Make Your Call to Action (CTA) specific!

Ex: “Go to my website, click the button that says YES! Sign Me Up! And then fill out the form to sign up!”

You see how being specific can paint a more clear picture in your mind?

That’s KEY!

When you want to influence someone or have them remember something…

You want to give them a CLEAR MENTAL PICTURE of what you want them to do.

And you do that by being specific!


Tip #3: Give people a REASON to do it!

In the classic book on persuasion, Influence by Robert Cialdini, (which I encourage you to read) they did an experiment to test if ‘giving people a reason’ would help them influence people more.

Did it work?

Well keep reading because I’ll tell you!

I just did it.

Did you see it? Lol

I gave you a reason to keep reading….BECAUSE I told you I’d tell you! 😉

So yes, they had a woman in a grocery store wanting to check out with a few items.

They did a test and had her ask people waiting in line if she could cut ahead of them.

When she just asked,

Can I get in line ahead of you?”

Only a small percentage of people actually let her do it.

However, when she gave them a reason, it was nearly 4x as effective!

Ex: “Can I get ahead of you in line because I have my dog in the car?”

or “Can I get ahead of your in line because I only have a couple items?”

There’s a lot of psychology behind why this works, but the bottom line is…

When you give people a reason (whether it’s an important reason or not), their brain justifies the request because there’s a reason.

Their brain doesn’t have to ‘wonder’…

Since there’s a reason, it must be true or okay.

So when you tell people to join your premium…

Give them a reason!

Because it’s the smart thing to do…

So rather than saying…

“Hey, join my site!”

How about…

Hey, join my site because you’re not gonna see this anywhere else!”


Hey, join my site because I want to see your name in my premium account”

To recap these 3 Simple Tips…

  1. Give people a call to action in 3’s
  2. Be specific in your call to action
  3. Give people a reason to do what you ask

Now, what if we mix in all 3 tips here…


Alright, screen shot my next snap, go to my website (www.example.com), and then click on the button to fill out the form and sign up because I want YOU to see me fully uncensored inside my premium!”

Did you find all 3 tips in there?

  1. The CTA was at least 3 steps
    (1. screen shot my snap,
    2. go to my website,
    3. click on the button,
    4. fill out the form,
    5. sign up)lol I tend to stack my calls to action. The more the merrier 😉
  2. Specific
    (Giving the specific website name, click on the button, fill out the form, is more specific than just go to my website and signup)
  3. Give people a reason
    (…fill out the form and signup…because I want you to see me…)
    That was a reason.


While these tips might seem simple…

They are very effective to get people to actually take action!

Like the saying goes,

Small hinges swing big doors”

So practice these influence tips, use them in your Snaps and notice how you’ll start getting more people to join your premium as you continue to use them every day!


Because you want more sales, don’t you? 😉


Jared “Your Word Guru” James


P.S. With these tips, and the ones you’ll continue to learn as you come back to this blog each day and see the other Influence and Marketing tips…

You’ll start to engage your brain, get more creative and your words and communication abilities will become more and more powerful, allowing YOU to create the results in life you really want

giving you a greater sense of personal power!


Of course, this post isn’t saying you can use these tips and EVERYONE is going to do what you say.

You can’t make someone do something that they don’t want to do.

That’s not what I’m talking about here.

And I’m also not talking about manipulating people or deceiving people.

What I’m talking about is effectively communicating with people, so that the people that actually WANT to join your premium are more likely to do it now.


And stay tuned to my next blog post to learn how you might actually be keeping people from joining your premium, without even knowing it!

And how to easily fix it, so you get people flocking to join your website like bees to honey.

For now, re-read this blog post and notice if you can find how I use these tips in this blog post…


Or just go ahead and start using these tips in your Snaps today, so you can begin getting more people to join your premium, because that’s why you decided to read this blog post, isn’t it? 🙂


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