6 Simple Tips to Get More Organized, Grow Your Biz and Create More Free Time!

If you’re looking to have more control over your time…

Develop more free time…

AND make more premium Snap sales…

Then watching this video and reading this blog post is a good idea.

In it, I share several simple tips you can implement today to create more time freedom and generate more sales with your premium Snapchat business.

Here’s the outline of the tips I share in this video…

  1. Have An Accountability Partner

    • This can be your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or just a friend
    • They can help you develop and stick to a schedule
    • If you don’t have someone nearby, message us and we’ll set something up for you
  2. HaveĀ An Income Goal

    • Set a goal that’s big enough to excite you and small enough you believe you can hit it
    • Turn your goal into a daily income goal, so you focus on the proper activities that will create that goal
  3. Set Reminders In Your Phone

    • Use Google calendars or whatever tool you use as a calendar in your phone to set reminders every day, week etc to do specific tasks (takeovers, public content, premium shows, etc)
  4. Create A To-Do List Each Day With Things You Want To Get Done

    • I suggest using a yellow legal pad and pencil
    • Focus on the highest priority tasks each day.
    • Re-write the tasks you didn’t do on the following days list
  5. Have Your Fans Help You Be More Accountable!

    • Tell your fans you’ll be doing something on a particular day. Telling other people something will help you be more accountable to actually doing it.
    • TIP: If you’re unable to do the thing you said, be sure to tell them ahead of time! Let them know and tell them you’ll make it up to them. Otherwise, it’s a broken agreement and can lead to a spiral downward and they’ll lose trust in you.
  6. Create A Schedule That Works For YOU!

    • You know your schedule and situation better than I do, so create a schedule that works for you!
    • Plan your takeovers, public content, and premium content with the time you have available.
      • Your accountability partner can help you with this

These are some simple yet VERY effective tips you can begin implementing today that will assist YOU in…

Having more control in your business and life AND help you generate more sales while also creating more free time for yourself!

If you have any questions or would like any assistance with any of these tips, simply message me directly and let me know!