How To Use “Mind Control” To Get More Premium Snapchat Sales

“Don’t think of a pink elephant!”

What’s the first thing you thought of?

You probably imagined a pink elephant in your mind, right?

Why would you do that, even though I said not to?

Because the mind doesn’t work with ‘negatives’…

It only works with mental pictures.

Don’t think of the number 2.

You probably thought of the number 2, right?

So what does this have to do with YOU and making more sales on your premium Snapchat?

Well, it’s simple….

Basically, if you want more people to join you….

Give them the clear and direct suggestion!

Don’t say, “I don’t want you to miss it”

Why? Because the mental image is of ‘missing it’

Rather, use a phrase like, “Be sure you signup so you can watch my newest show!”

And if you implement a Call To Action in 3’s…

…taken from last blog post…

You could say something like this…

“Now be sure to signup today so you can watch my newest show! All you have to do is go to my website (, click the button that says “YES! Sign me Up!”, fill out the form, give me your ACCURATE Snapchat username, and then you can get access to my premium to watch this show I just did!”

Do you see how specific that is?

Perhaps as you were reading it, you had the clear mental picture in your mind of the order process.

THAT is what you want your potential customers to have!

When you can put a clear mental picture in their mind of EXACTLY what you want them to do…

Then they are much more likely to do it.

And by the way, this works for ANYTHING!

Not just your premium shows.

This works if you have kids, a partner, with friends, co-workers, etc.

Human nature is the same for everyone!

We all think in pictures.

So always remember to use words, stories and calls to actions in a way where it is what you DO want your viewers to do.

Again, rather than saying…

“Don’t get distracted and forget to signup”


“Now since you’re watching this right now, screenshot my next snap, go to my website, and signup right now because the sooner you join, the sooner you’ll get access to my premium to see all my sexy shows!”

(and obviously, you can share more specifics about what your ‘sexy shows’ include. I just kept it general, for this example)

The more specifics you can provide and the more clear the mental image is, the more effective it will be.

I’ll share more on that later…

But for now, remember to frame your words and your calls to action in the POSITIVE sense!

As you’re thinking about your Snaps and your promotions, think to yourself…

“Am I giving them a CLEAR mental picture of what I want them to do?”

“What could I do to make this call to action/promotion even more clear and specific?”

Implementing that can make all the difference in your promotion.


P.S. This type of “Mind Control” is completely natural.

It’s not about ‘controlling someone’. It’s about understanding how humans think and operate and using this information to help us all get more of what we want.

Make sense?

So go out there and use this power for GOOD! 🙂


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