Hey there, it's Princess Travari! I'm an avid and passionate gamer. Video games are LIFE!

I'm also very much into cosplay and dressing up. My dress style fluctuates from sweet and cute to hardcore punk/goth; there's no in-between.

BDSM is a lifestyle for me and I'm a submissive (pet). I'm also very much a masochist and a tease. You’ll see more after you join today!

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What to Expect

After you join, you’ll get to watch my sexy shower shows and bubbly bath shows (ALL THE BUBBLES! Lol), public shows (car, restaurant, etc.), BDSM (mainly petplay or DD/lg), teasing, cosplay and dress-up, toys (these include rope and gags), and roleplay shows!

It’s going to be a lot of fun, so join today and you can get access to see all my newest private Snaps!

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