How do the payments work? How and when do I get paid?

You will be getting paid via direct deposit or check every week, as long as you meet the minimum payout requirements ($100 per week or less)

As you signup, you'll clarify your payment preferences.

Can I get paid even if I’m outside of the US?

YES! No matter which country you’re in, if you have a bank account, you can do this!

How much of a percentage do you take?

Our models receive 60-70% of the total income they generate. All processing fees and other operational costs come out of our end, not yours.

And remember: 60% of $10,000 a month is better than 100% of $3,000 a month.

How much money can I honestly be making with this?

Again, that’s up to you. We can’t make any guarantees of income because all results vary. However, some of our models have made $500-$1,500+ in a day...but you have to be consistent and follow our Formula to get results like that everyday.

What do you offer?

  • We setup a website for you, which means you can generate sales automatically

  • We setup the billing for you, so you're safe to process payments
    (without having to worry about your account getting shut down or your funds frozen)

  • We can handle your member management for you, giving you more free time
    (Adding, tracking and removing your premium members can be a time consuming process when you get a lot of signups each day!
    Our team can do this part for you. We can add and remove your customers from your premium account for you. Or you can do it yourself. It’s up to you!)

  • We have Snapchat pages you can do takeovers on, so you can grow your public Snapchat page very quickly, which means you can start generating a lot more sales, a lot faster!

  • We have unique marketing strategies that no other company is doing, allowing YOU to grow your network faster and make more money!

What if I'm not sure how to make good Snapchat content?

The good news is we have training videos, examples and other ways for you to easily "get" the Formula, so you can start applying it immediately and begin seeing great results with us.

How do I know I’ll be getting paid?

Every one of our models has been paid fully, 100% of the time.

We are here to partner with you and help you make a lot of money for years to come, so we ensure we pay our models on time, every time. It’s just good business!

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Are you able to help me understand how it all works?

Yes, after you signup, you’ll be getting more information on our Formula and process, so you'll have a clear picture on exactly how to make this work for you.

I’m not “Snapchat savvy”. Can I still do this?

Yes! Everything is learnable. If you’re open to learning, you have a smart phone, and you have some ambition, then you can do this!

Can I work with you guys and still sell my premium Snapchat on other sites?

One of our very few rules is that once you sell your premium Snapchat with us, we ask that you don't sell your premium Snapchat directly to people or through websites similar to ours.

Offering it privately in messages to people and having them pay you via PayPal or some other method directly is not allowed and you'll be removed immediately as soon as we find out about it.

We allow you to do takeovers on all of our Snapchat pages, we promote you on Instagram and more. We don't want to help you grow your networks to then have you promote your premium Snapchat that you have on a different website. Does that make sense?

However, if you already sell your premium Snapchat through MFC or another webcam site, while you're camming, you can still sell your premium there for tokens.

All we ask is you don't promote it or offer it on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter or in private messages to people in a way other than through the website we setup for you.

Does that sound fair enough?

If so, and you'd like to work with us, click here to apply today!

How much time do I need to make good money with this?

Again, that depends on you. If you can invest 1-2 hours a day, 3-5+days a week, you can potentially be generating $3,000-20,000+ per month.

(If you want to make more or less than that, you can. It’s up to you how much money you make here.)

Can I do this even if I haven’t done any adult work before?

Yes! If you're over 18 years of age, if we feel you're a good fit for our network, and if you’re open to learning and you’re excited about doing adult work, this can work really well for you because you’ll get to grow and become more comfortable with it, along with your customers.


What’s your vision for me and my brand?

  • Great question! We see you as a very valuable human being, here to do incredible things. Our goal is that you make more money here with us, but also that you have more fun doing this, and you have more free time by doing this, than with anything else you’re doing.

  • We have the Formula for you to do that, and you can use this as a platform to generate multiple streams of income for yourself, while working less hours, so that you’re able to do more of the things in life you REALLY want! (We will show you how)

    Does that sound good to you? :) If so, Click here to signup now and get started with us!

How can you set all this up? How do you guys do this?

Our team (Melissa, Nokio and Jared) has over 15 years of experience with internet marketing and website development. We also have team members around the world that help make this as easy and lucrative as possible for YOU! :)

What inspired you to start doing this?

Like the French poet Victor Hugo says, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

That’s what this is...

Having YOU be empowered with information, strategies and a community of success minded people, so you can make more money and have more freedom by having a team do most of the work for you.

Doing it all yourself is more stressful than it needs to be. You deserve better.

We decided to give YOU the opportunity to promote yourself and make money like other top models do.

Ready to show them what you can do??

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Where are you located?

Our team is all over the planet! Jared is in California. Melissa is in Arizona. Plus we have our support team in other countries around the world!

Making money is one thing, but I want more time freedom too. Can you help me make more money AND have more free time?

YES! We know a big problem in this industry is models not getting paid what they're worth.

We changed that. Our Formula allows you to do less and make more. After you signup and follow our simple Formula, you’ll see why MuseModelsTV can get YOU paid more AND have more free time!

Why do I need 2 Snapchat accounts?

You’ll have 1 public Snapchat account and 1 premium/private Snapchat account.

The public account is where you do non-nude content and tell people to go to your website to join your premium. Then, your premium account is where you do your private content, that only your customers see.

How do I setup a second Snapchat account?

You set it up the same way as you setup your first one. Just simply log out of your first account, go to the Snapchat homepage and setup a new Snapchat account.

1 account will be Public to everyone. Your premium account’s content should be setup so only your Friends (customers) get to see it.

What works best? Will you help me get the best results? Or am I on my own after I join?

We are here to help you make as much money here as possible.

However, you still have the freedom to do as much or as little as you want. We are here to share ideas on what works best, and how YOU can get the most number of sales here.

But if you’d rather promote yourself your own way, you can!

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