Hey there, it's me Charlette Webb!

I'm a bisexual women who loves to travel and enjoy life.

It turns me on so much knowing that pleasuring myself can bring pleasure to you too...

It gets me off exploring my sexuality while being taken care of at the same time.

It's a beautiful thing to me.

I have a big military background and I'm a veteran so I have always moved every few years never gaining roots in one area. That's probably why I feel I am naturally nomadic.

I am building a tiny home right now and my passion is to go sight seeing in all the national parks this country has to offer.

AND! I'll be doing wild Premium shows along the way!

You can watch my shows and see me share my naughty adventures with you being naked out in the wilderness...

...doing wild outdoor shows, hiking naked, showing you my body in each state! ;)

And hopefully I'll get to meet some sexy ladies in the adult industry that I can make friends with and do some girl/girl shows for you!

That's one of my dreams and fantasies...

I can't wait to do that for you!!

But one step at a time lol...

Want to come along with me on this fun adventure?

I'm just a few clicks away, but only my Premium members get to see it all...

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What to Expect

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>> Spanking
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>> Naked Twerking
>> Foot Fetish Shows 2-4x a month
>> Dirty Talk - cum countdowns - cum begging - cum supporting
>> Lots of Naked Selfies
>> Natural Sensual Nude Pics Randomly
>> Change of hair colors too - Red - black to purple- fairy -purple - getting golden brown in summer and a few new ones every few months to switch up my look.

As you can probably already imagine...

It's gonna be WILD!!

You're gonna love it and I don't want you to miss a thing, so click the button below to join today and get ready for what I'll be doing next!! ;)

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